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Make people engaged

Onboarding and employee motivation tools supported by gamification, selected by the largest companies

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Our customers, our hall of fame

Companies known for their great products onboard and motivate their employees using our apps.

How does it work and why so well?

Proven motivational models

Gamfi delivers ready-made onboarding  and motivational models using industry-proven standards and good practices.

An experienced team performs the onboarding by tailoring the predefined schemes to the customer’s needs.

Advanced gamification

Get up to 40% better team performance. This is due to gamification mechanisms that engage, involve in the process and bring employees into the state of concentrated motivation.

We have been specializing and improving in gamification for 11 years.

More time with automation

We have developed an AI-based bot that relieves employees, managers, and HR teams of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

What will you do with the extra 10 hours you’re going to save every month?

Focus on the employee

We design in the human  centric  design model, focusing on user experience.

As a result, employees are more happy to perform assigned tasks, while managers are given a tool oriented at achieving their goals.

WOW effect

Engaging employees is not enough. Make them fall in love with your company! Our story narratives, which guide users through tasks, create a WOW effect.

Your people can’t break away from tasks, while you build your market advantage as an employer.

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Gamfi Onboarding  2.0

A solution for the comprehensive onboarding of a new employee, based on the Four C’s model (Culture, Connections, Clarification, Compliance), advanced gamification and AI-supported automatic communication.

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Gamfi Team Booster

An application to increase the effectiveness of sales and customer service teams. The solution is based on proven motivational models and supported by virtualization, automatic communication supported by AI and a bot.

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We do it well

We really got to know the needs of many organizations, which allowed us to develop best market practices.

we have


of experience in gamification

we have completed

application implementations

they have been used by


employees and customers

they have completed a total of


activities in the applications

And we can prove that

It works! Find out real effects seen by our customers.

increase in sales results by

202 %

shortening of the onboarding process for new hires by

50 %

proportion of employees filling out timesheets on time

99 %

savings resulting from gamified training

43 mln

of employees sharing their know-how within the organization

90 %

reach of internal communications

87 %

Engage and motivate more effectively than ever

Harness our solutions and enjoy high performance of your employees.