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“There is only one way to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.”

Dale Carnegie
What is gamification?
Gamification turns your goals into the users' goals and, makes achieving them a pleasure

Key features

You can use these key features of Gamfi platform in your organization

Deep gamification

We are pioneers in using more than just points and rankings in gamification. The story narration editor is one of several dozen tools we have created.

Creative challenges and KPIs

Challenges motivate to improve quantitative and qualitative results. It is also a popular tool for acquiring knowledge and feedback from users.

Engaging educational processes

Our easy-to-use solution allows you to decompose complex training processes. You can use it for individual learning, repetition practice, group learning and other.

Visual narratives to motivate

Gamification is based on human-centric design. Narratives - visual metaphors - convey complex goals so they become easy to achieve. They reflect the path to gaining skills and knowledge, while encouraging team building and cooperation.

Automation of engagement

Our platform engages automatically using a trigger based rules engine. Automatic communication mechanisms engage users who perform tasks and overcome challenges. And this is just the beginning - you can configure these processes as you like!

Real time feedback

We provide users with a preview of their personal goals, results and achievements. Each action ends with automatic feedback regarding the level of expectations. It's like an individual trainer who motivates you.

Points, badges, scoreboards and more

In addition to deep gamification and engagement automation, we also support classic gamification elements, such as points, badges and scoreboards.

Shop with benefits

Research shows that external rewards drive motivation only when users choose a reward. Thanks to our virtual store, users can freely exchange points for prizes and benefits. We have several categories that are suited to different organizations and people.

Why it works?

Organizing and improving communication
The implementation of gamification requires a clear definition of the organization's expectations and the definition of goals to be achieved by people and teams. This knowledge translated into tasks, missions and challenges on the gamification platform organizes and improves communication. When people know exactly what is expected of them, they stop guessing and projecting about "How am I doing?". An optimal environment is created for effective work.
Operant conditioning
Operant conditioning, also known as causative, is a form of learning consisting in modifying the frequency behavior of a system through the use of rewards and punishments. In operant conditioning we call certain behavior that is desirable and strengthen them through rewarding. In order to get rid of adverse reactions, you must punish or stop rewarding.
Social learning
The theory assumes that new behaviors are acquired under two main mechanisms. 1) Learning the consequences: the conscious knowledge of the consequences of their own actions is a necessary condition for the emergence of behavioral change. 2) Modeling: observation of other people's actions and their effects. The condition for acquiring new behavior in this way is to focus attention on the behavior of the model, remember this behavior and try it out in your own actions. Only behaviors that are expected to be accomplished will enable them to achieve some desired states of affairs.
Rivalry and competition
Competition is one of the key mechanisms for the evolution of all life forms. It is deeply rooted in everyone, regardless of gender, age, views, position or place of residence. Our ancestors survived because they won the competition for knowledge, resources, territory, partner. They gave us the rivalry and competition genes. Whether we want it or not, a simple mechanism - e.g. ranking in gamification - triggers this strong primary instinct in us. To meet it, we undertake further tasks and challenges on the occasion of realizing the goals set before us.
Human-centered design
Human-centered design is an approach to building interactive systems that aims to make systems useful and accessible by focusing on the user. The system designed in this way takes into account the imperfections of human nature - such as lack of motivation, a short period of attention, a tendency to make mistakes or a reluctance to new solutions.
Behaviorist concept
Behaviorist concept, according to which human behavior depends on genetic equipment as well as physical and social environment, while internal states do not affect human reactions. The key concept is the principle of strengthening. The main assumption of the reinforcement theory is the belief that human behavior is caused by knowledge and awareness of the effects of these behaviors. Human behavior is a kind of function of rewards and punishments received.

Is gamification for everyone?

Gamification works on everyone – regardless of the context in which they operate. You can use its mechanisms to engage any defined target group.





Production worker










Event participant

What goals can you gamify?

The mechanisms on which gamification is based can be adapted to almost any business goal

Increase of cross-sell value

Increasing revenues from direct sales of products in the retail network by as much as 7%.

Saving training budget

Savings on the process of advisor network training via the Gamfi vs. traditional training.

Reducing employee turnover

Reducing employee turnover by providing them with ongoing and retaining added value.

Engaging Employer Branding

Acquiring contacts to potential job candidates thanks to an engaging platform.

Reduction in the absence of production workers

Keeping employees "at the production line" through mechanisms of gamified competition.

Employee competence development

Building and strengthening managerial skills through educational missions and tasks.

Brand consumer loyalty

Attracting consumers to interact with the brand thanks to the gameplay loyalty program.

Effective organizational change

Successful process of implementing major changes in the organization, thanks to the gamification of tasks for employees

Delivering your business goals

Supporting the implementation of any business goal thanks to wisely selected gamification tools.

How much it costs?

Choosing the right gamification tool can be a difficult task. Before you decide, use the 14 days trial for free or order a pilot implementation
The best choice for small and medium companies or teams in large companies.
  • Self-service via the panel
  • Access to the marketplace
  • A ready to use catalog of awards and benefits
Popular Choice
The best scalable solution for large companies or organizations.
  • Dedicated customer service
  • API access
  • Ready to use content
Pilot implementation
For large companies or organizations that want to test the Gamfi Platform before the final implementation.

How long does implementation take?

5 minutes
This is how long it takes to launch the Platform. You get it with all the features ready to use.
As soon as 15 days
We use this time for business workshops, gamification strategy, content building and preparation for launch
At the moment of launch, we start working on maintaining and achieving the goals. We test and implement changes. Efficiently.

Implementation process


Platform launch

You get a dedicated Gamfi Platform, pre-configured and visually in line with the company’s CI. The platform is ready for use on computers and as an application for mobile devices.


The implementation stage is the work of our consultants and project team. We analyze and create content needed to effectively achieve your goals.
Business workshop
Lasts two to four hours. We listen to your goals and run a workshop for your team that will help you understand how we want to implement gamification so that you can achieve your goals.
Project materials
You provide us with materials related to the project.
Gamification strategy
We translate your goals into the goals of your users. It is a specific strategy tailored to your needs, taking into account content, motivators and storytelling.
Content production
At this stage, all content, graphics and challenges arise. We also prepare the plot of the game. We parameterize the whole system and set up a catalog of motivators.
Closing the project
You test and we plan and implement communication strategies for start.


After starting, we go smoothly into the maintenance stage. From now on, you and your users are looked after by our design team. A dedicated person from the customer service department is at your disposal. Our work is to assess community behavior and implement such changes that your goals will be achieved.

Engage and motivate more effectively than ever

Check how gamification can support your organization. See our tool in action and customers who achieve measurable business results with Gamfi!

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