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Make people engaged

A gamification tool to increase employees motivation and engagement

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Repetitive tasks and new demanding processes rarely raise enthusiasm in employees. Their implementation is usually a sad duty rather than an exciting challenge.

Gamfi is here to change that. We import behavioural mechanisms, known e.g. from games, to the working environment. Thanks to the joy that derives from completing subsequent tasks, competition, or cooperation, we engage employees in duties that are in line with the employer’s expectations. The above is true even if the tasks are considered boring, routine, or require considerable effort.

This is how gamification works. It translates the employer’s objectives into employees’ goals and makes achieving them a joy.

Thanks to Gamfi you will motivate employees performing repetitive tasks and engage employees in demanding processes


Consequently, you will help them achieve their business goals.

Engage employees throughout their life cycle

Thanks to Gamfi the gamified process becomes attractive and engaging for the employee. You can gamify any processes at any stage of the employee life cycle, while building a great Employee Experience


Recruitment + EB


candidates’ opinion survey






education on the offering

knowledge retention


KPIs implementation

hybrid work

change management





Experience based on trust

Companies known for their great products and services use our tool to develop engagement

We know how to engage effectively

We know what the needs of many organizations are. We know how to effectively gamify activities at every stage of the employee life cycle.

we have


of experience in gamification

we have implemented

gamification projects

we have engaged


employees and customers

we have registered


activities completed by the audience

How does it work?

Explore the main features of the platform that can be used in your business

  • Deep gamification

    As pioneers in gamification we use much more than just scores and rankings. The story narrative editor is one of several dozen original mechanisms that we have created.
  • Creative challenges and KPIs

    Our challenges motivate to improve one’s quantitative and qualitative results. This is also a popular tool for acquiring knowledge and feedback from the audience.
  • Engaging educational processes

    Our easy-to-use solution allows for decomposing complex training processes. It can be used for individual learning, repetitions, group learning, etc.
  • Motivating visual narratives

    Gamification is based on human-oriented design. Narratives – visual metaphors – convey complex, but easy-to-achieve goals. They reflect the path to skills and knowledge, fostering team building and collaboration.
  • Real-time feedback

    We provide users with an overview of the implementation of their personal goals, results, and achievements. Each activity ends with automatic feedback against the level of expectations. Just like a personal trainer that motivates you.
  • Engagement automation

    Our platform engages in an automated way using a trigger-based rule engine. Automatic communication mechanisms engage users who complete tasks and overcome challenges. And this is only the beginning – these processes can be freely configured!
  • Scores, badges, leaderboards, and more

    In addition to deep gamification and engagement automation, we also support regular gamification elements such as scores, badges, and leaderboards.
  • Store with benefits

    Research shows that external rewards only fuel motivation when users choose the reward themselves. With our virtual store, users can freely exchange the points earned for prizes and benefits. We have several categories that suit different businesses and personas.

Who is engaged by gamification?

Gamification works for all employees – regardless of their age, field of specialization, or years of service. You can use it to engage employees in any sector.

  • salesperson

  • candidate

  • production worker

  • manager

  • call center employee

  • trainee

  • expert

  • analyst

Why does it work?

The implementation of gamification requires a clear definition of the company’s expectations and definition of goals to be achieved by people and teams. This knowledge, translated into tasks, missions, and challenges on the gamification platform, organizes and improves communication. When people know exactly what is expected of them, there are no more speculations and projections about “how am I doing?” An optimal environment for effective work is created.

Operant conditioning, also known as instrumental conditioning, is a method of learning, where the frequency of a behaviour is modified by reinforcement or punishment. In operant conditioning we elicit the specific desired behaviour and strengthen it through rewards. In order to get rid of undesired reactions, a given behaviour needs to be punished or ceased being rewarded.

The theory assumes that new behaviours are acquired based on two main mechanisms. 1) Learning by consequence: an awareness of the effects of one’s own actions is a necessary condition for a change in behaviour. 2) Modeling: observing other people’s actions and their effects. The condition for acquiring a new behaviour this way is to focus attention on the model behaviour, remember such behaviour, and test it in one’s own action. Only the behaviours expected to achieve some desired states of affairs are performed.

Competition is one of the key mechanisms for the evolution of all life forms. It is deeply rooted in every person regardless of gender, age, views, position, or place of residence. Our ancestors survived because they had won the competition for knowledge, resources, territory, partner. We inherited the rivalry and competition genes from them. Whether we want it or not, a simple mechanism – e.g. a gamification ranking – triggers this strong primal instinct we have. In order to satisfy it, we carry out further tasks and take on challenges, while pursuing the goals set before us.

Human-oriented design is an approach to building interactive systems with a view to making them useful and accessible by focusing on the user. The system designed this way takes into account imperfections of the human nature – such as lack of motivation, short attention span, tendency to make mistakes, or reluctance to new solutions.

A behavioural concept according to which human behaviour depends on genetic equipment, as well as on physical and social environment, with internal states not influencing human reactions. Reinforcement is the key concept. The main assumption of the reinforcement theory is the belief that human behaviours are determined by knowledge and awareness of the effects of such behaviours. Human behaviour is a sort of function of the rewards and punishments received.

This is proven

It works! Find out real effects seen by our customers.

increase in sales results by

202 %

shortening of the onboarding process for new hires by

50 %

proportion of employees filling out timesheets on time

99 %
43 mln PLN

savings resulting from gamified training

90 %

of employees sharing their know-how within the organisation

87 %

each of internal communications

How much does it cost?

We adjust the formula and cooperation costs to your needs. You can manage the content on the platform yourself or entrust it to us. Try out the piloting before you make the final decision!


the best choice for SMEs or teams in large companies

  • independent operation through the panel
  • access to the marketplace
  • ready catalogue of rewards and benefits
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the best scalable solution for large companies or organizations

  • dedicated service
  • API Access
  • ready-to-use content
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for large companies or organizations that want to test Gamfi before the final implementation

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How long does the implementation take?

5 minutes

This is the time it takes to configure the platform. You get access to it with all ready-to-use functions.

at least 15 days

The time for business workshops and the resulting gamification strategy, content development, and preparation for launch for the audience.


From the very moment of launch, we start working on maintaining and achieving goals. We analyze and optimize. Effectively.

Engage and motivate ever more effectively

Find out how gamification can support your business. See our tool in action. And get to know customers who achieve measurable business results with Gamfi!