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Intranet gamification for AdNext

About the project

For the Polish media group AdNext, which has six companies in its portfolio (including Gamfi), we have prepared an intranet platform that uses gamification for internal communication within the group and for employee development and engagement.

Using the platform, AdNext employees can not only engage and influence the shape and direction of development of the entire group, but also increase their awareness about each company, their scope of work and the role of every employee.

The platform is also a knowledge base and a basic tool for new employees who undergo the onboarding process through gamification.

Our goals

Internal communication: Implementation of the internal communication tool in AdNext and improvement of information flow in the group.

Communication style: Matching the communication style to the target group.

Engagament: Increased employee engagement in the company life.


  • 85% of employees involved each month performing tasks and participating in challenges
  • 8 000 tasks completed, including nearly 70 tasks per user on average.
  • 75% of employees participating in challenges, sharing ideas and feedback

How did we achieve the goal?

Intranet application: We have prepared a closed, intranet application only available for AdNext employees maintained in a pirate climate, which is the DNA of the group (quick operation, adaptation to new conditions, agile units).

Missions: We have prepared a series of missions (illustrated as an islands), which in a simple and pleasant way present the scope of competences of individual companies within the group and the products they offer.

Challenges: We organized many creative challenges for employees, encouraging them among others to co-create content published later on the official channels of the group (blog entries, expert comments, photos)