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Gamfi Onboarding 2.0

A solution for the comprehensive onboarding of a new employee

Gamfi’s onboarding application is a tool that we based on the Four C’s model (Culture, Connections, Clarification, Compliance), advanced gamification and AI-supported automatic communication.

The individual elements of our product address areas of onboarding related to organizational culture, relationship building, role onboarding, as well as formal and legal issues.

Our solution makes employees happy to go through a difficult and stressful onboarding process and once it is completed, faster achieve above-average results at work.

The Four C's of onboarding.
Gamify Onboarding - an app that creates a consistent experience for your new employees.

Key features of our solution


Ready-made automation templates based on industry best practices proven in the largest companies.


Personal dashboard with the onboarding schedule and recommended subsequent tasks to be performed by the employee.

Bot Buddy

A background bot whose task is to execute the onboarding plan e.g. creating calendar meetings and communication through Teams or  Slack.


The most advanced gamification engine with several dozen mechanisms focused on building motivation to act.


Ready-made compliance templates, e.g.:  GDPR, personal questionnaires for a candidate and employee, statements, regulations, supplementary data, PIT-2 tax form, requests for equipment, along with printout.


Support for complex organizational structures and separation of tasks by role, e.g.: recruiter, manager, buddy, employee.


Multi-channel automatic communication: email, SMS, push, Teams, Slack along with a message wizard based on ready-made templates.


Ready-made mission templates for the most popular training courses and knowledge bases built on story narratives that increase employee motivation.


Colour of the platform interface matching the CI requirements.

Pulse check

Analysis of the level of employee satisfaction with the onboarding process at every stage from hiring, through day one, to the onboarding completion.

Electronic signature

Signing agreements, statements, and consents unilaterally or bilaterally with a double-authorization code from a text message. The signature is recognized by the tax and social insurance authorities.


Automated registration through integration with the most popular ATS, e.g. eRecruiter and supply with data from popular HRM, such as SAP.

Gamfi Onboarding is used by

Speedcity InPost | Aplikacja Gamfi

“Onboarding  based on Gamfi’s gamified app provides employees with a WOW effect, is OUT OF THE BOX and at the same time brings meaningful benefits to our organization. We have a unified company-wide onboarding process that relieves HR teams and managers.”

Iwona Michalczyk | Komentarz dla Gamfi | HR 2021
Iwona Michalczyk
HR Business Partner, InPost

Free up your managers and HR team with our onboarding app

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